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The Family Resource Center Association is a national leader in the family support and strengthening field. We are able to leverage our established and tested expertise, previously only available to our membership, to provide consulting services to state and local organizations outside Colorado. Grounded in implementation frameworks, we structure our consulting services according to your organization’s readiness and use a one-on-one guided approach to technical support.

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FRCA is nationally known for our holistic, equitable and pragmatic perspective and experiences. Explore the sections below to see how we can partner to enhance your family support services program.

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Starting a Family Resource Center

We provide consulting for states, counties, local entities or communities that currently do not have a Family Resource Center or have a small number of Family Resource Centers and want to expand to serve more underserved populations. In-depth consulting and facilitation are provided using our “Toolkit for Family Resource Center Success”, which assesses community benefit and provides a foundation for establishing and sustaining a new Family Resource Center.

Creating a Family Resource Center Network

We provide consulting for states, regions or local entities that currently do not have an established intermediary or backbone organization dedicated to supporting a network of existing Family Resource Centers. We provide guided facilitation and consulting to entities throughout the development of a new network. During this process, we bring deep functional expertise to guide your network’s mission, structure and expectations.

Implementing the Family Pathways Framework, including the Colorado Family Support Assessment 2.0

We provide support for states and local entities that currently offer or are considering offering family support services toward increasing economic self-sufficiency and health outcomes. Our research-informed Family Pathways Framework© helps agencies and programs structure family support services to be most responsive to family strengths and needs.

The Framework includes authorized use of the Colorado Family Support Assessment 2.0© (CFSA2.0), a reliable family-level index of family functioning. Consulting in this area focuses on organizational and programmatic readiness, appropriate fit of the CFSA2.0 tool, and post-training implementation support. To learn more about the Framework register for our next Model Inquiry Webinar here.

Data-Informed Service Delivery

We provide consulting for entities that currently offer or are considering offering family support services, entities authorized to administer FRCA’s Colorado Family Support Assessment 2.0© (CFSA2.0), and entities looking for an existing data system solution. The focus in this area is on data collection, implementation and enhancement of quality assurance, and program outcome evaluation. Additionally, entities can license our robust web-based data system for tracking and reporting family outcomes.