Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure our Members are strong and optimally equipped to serve Colorado families by providing public advocacy, capacity building and resource development to strengthen our statewide network of family resource centers as they bring help and hope to Colorado families.

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How We Connect

FRCA is committed to service! We connect our Members to the funding, advocacy, data reporting and evaluation, training and partnerships and collaborations across Colorado, enabling them to serve more families with the resources they need to thrive.

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Family Resource Centers

Family resource centers provide a safe, accessible place for families to connect with comprehensive, coordinated services that help them strengthen their families and become more self-reliant. Programs at each center are tailored to the culture, resources and needs of the community they serve, and focus on building on the strengths of each family and individual.

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Becoming a Member

FRCA is committed to serving the entire state of Colorado through our membership. Currently we serve 44 of Colorado’s 66 counties. We are always looking to speak with new potential members that are committed to serving Colorado families with family development services in a strength-based way.

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In 2015, 24 FRCA member centers served 44 of the 66 counties in Colorado.
Over 74% of FRCA's revenue is passed on to our member centers to strengthen and support family development
$2,099,661 pass through funds for our member centers
FRCA has trained 255 FRC staff in the quality standards of family support and strengthening

img-accordion-1As FRCA resources our members, we also are committed to resourcing our community.  Browse the tools, ideas and resource for families, child care links and Colorado resources.  Visit often for the most up to date additions.  Don’t see a resource you need?  Email us!

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